More about us

CNBS Accounting Officers and Tax Practitioners trading as CNBS is a firm of professional accountants and tax practitioners, with teams of highly qualified and experienced accountants, state of art technology and software and ample dedication, situated in major cities in South Africa. We are committed to helping businesses navigating through today corporate world.We seek to contribute our quota through qualitative and dynamic financial and management services to various companies across all sectors of the economy.


We subscribe to the following thinking

  • Meeting and exceeding clients expectations
  • Developing a relationship with clients base on mutual respect and understanding
  • Maintaining the highest level of integrity in dealing with clients
  • Respecting and contributing to the environment, society and individuals


Our firm is specifically equipped with high quality staff to meet the industry standard and expectations of our clients. Staff development is of paramount interest to us as our staffs are updated through specific trainings, conferences and seminars to enable us deliver qualitative services to our clients.

We ensure that all assignments are partner-led, providing the assurance that all our jobs are adequately supervised and completed, and that our clients' expectations are met particularly as it concerns delivery on schedule, quality of service, accuracy and confidentiality. Our association with notable Audit firms across the nation provides us with the additional resources when additional technical expertise is required.

Our firm believes in information technology as a prime business enabler. With this in mind, we deploy resources towards investment in information technology in terms training and acquisition of relevant software and hardware for strategic positioning and for our clients' benefits.